Tonight Is Your Last Chance to Opt Out

ICYMI your last chance to opt out of the student health is tonight by midnight. If you’ve got someone who’ll pay for you to get your chompers polished, you can opt out. To opt out you absolutely must have alternative coverage. We want you be taken care of, is all. You’ll need your:

- email address
- Student ID #
- Proof of alternative coverage (not OHIP/UHIP) along with the Policy/Group # and ID/Certificate #

You can opt out here -

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  • It’s Not Bribery, It’s… Okay, It’s Bribery. Free Food, Though.

    I have this thing where I frequently order fast food after 10pm and shame eat it in my car in empty parking lots. The people in the Wendy’s drive through are getting to know me by name. It’s a problem.

    The Terrace is trying something out on Friday that could help me and others like me. In Eat This, Not That fashion, instead of stuffing my face with a hamburger on one of those trendy pretzel buns and smothered in bright orange synthetic cheese sauce, I can stop by The Terrace after 11am to try some samples from their new Healthy Kitchen.

    And hey, did you know you could voice your opinion about our on campus food emporiums? Sound off and let us know the good, the bad, and the shameful.

    Recap: Board Meeting - September 12, 2014 


    First things first: Everyone is welcome to attend our Board of Directors meetings, and there are always cookies (just sayin’). 

    Didn’t make it out on Friday? Here’s an overview:

    A new Strategic Plan for the Students’ Union is in the works. 
    Next up, all students will have the opportunity to give their input. Keep an eye on your myLaurier email for more info.

    Is Top Hat Required on Your Syllabus ?

    First week of classes is over, you’ve got your list of books, assignments, and tests for the semester. We’re curious, have any of your profs added a subscription to software called Top Hat to your list of required materials? We want to know if they have.

    If yes, shoot Chris a quick email at and let him know which course you’re taking.

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  • Want to Get Paid to Help Run an Election?

    Brantford and Waterloo are looking for local students to work the polls on Election Day. Getting paid to help out the civic process – there are worse ways to spend a Saturday, you know? You could make back some of that text book money.

    Brantford Info

    Waterloo Info

     The Municipal Election will be held on Monday, October 27.

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  • It’s Fall. Leaves are turning, there’s a cool breeze in the air (okay, not today), and everything tastes like pumpkin. Here’s one more Fall tradition, we’re filling our volunteer teams for the Students’ Union. Yes, that’s right, hiring is open at

    It’s as easy as visiting the site and filling out an application for the team you want to be a part of. Here’s a STARR cheat sheet, if you need something to reference while writing.

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  • Waterloo - Win Points for Your Colour Team

    And get a boatload of extra entries while you’re at it for O-Week’s luckiest.

    Take the survey here.

    The cut off to submit vouchers for O-Week’s Luckiest is 4pm, and for colour points is 7pm.

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  • What’s Your Fave O-Week Memory?

    We want to hear your favourite O-Week memory. Let us know in the comments, yeah?

    Sam sat down with Kaipa, our Director of Orientation in Waterloo last week, just before O-Week hit into full swing. Listen in to hear about the important stuff, like fave Beyonce jams, what to bring to a desert island and more.

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  • What Happens When a Director of the Board Steps Down?

    A few weeks ago a member of the Board stepped down from their position as Director. As of the August 23rdboard meeting, the remaining directors decided not to fill the vacant seat. You might be wondering why that is – totally valid!
    It’s not out of the ordinary for a Director to step down from their position for any number of reasons. We have a strong board with 14 Directors who are excited about their role. This can be used as a great opportunity to transition through to next year where the board will only consist of 12 directors as opposed to 15.
    - Matt McLean​
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  • Did You See Sam’s O-Week Speech? You’re Gonna Want To.

    ICYMI - Sam Lambert’s moving speech at the Orientation Week Opening Ceremonies last night. It’s worth a watch (or rewatch) whether you’re a first year, fifth year, or beyond.

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