We Want to Work With You. Want to Work With Us?


You never know when an opportunity will reveal itself. It just happens that we are reopening hiring for some awesome committees on the Waterloo Campus for the fall semester. 

Hey Look, More Study Space!

We know you all go above and beyond to make Laurier such a great school. There are so many opportunities to positively impact your experience and the experience of your peers. With this in mind, I wanted to improve the group study space available on campus. There was an opportunity through the Student Life Levy to add some fancy new tables to the concourse, which will be a great place to study for exams.

If you want to learn more about the Student Life Levy and how you can submit a project of your own check out: http://goo.gl/Ea9idv

See you soon,


We Won an Award (and Handed Out Some Muffins)

If you’ve ever been to Ezra Street on St. Patrick’s Day you know what it’s like to navigate that sea of revelers decked out in their St. Patty’s Day green. Love it or hate it, it’s one heck of an experience.

Working with Waterloo Regional Police, the City of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University, the University of Waterloo, Waterloo Fire Rescue, EMS of Waterloo Region and Waterloo By Law Enforcement we wanted to make sure that all party goers had a great St. Patrick’s Day.

Together, we developed a plan to help make sure this year was our best St. Patrick’s Day yet. Since there were no incidents with a police horse this year, we think we can call this one a success. Heck, we even won an award for it - the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Award.

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  • You Want to Work With Us? Read On.


    We’re hiring! We’re looking for a Programming & Promotions Coordinator. What does that mean? We need someone who can support our student programmers on the Waterloo campus, manage events and help maintain the online presence of our Hospitality social media networks.

    What does that actually mean? We’re looking for someone who’s comfortable taking charge when the music’s going WUB WOMP BOWOWOWO CHHHHH WUB WUB CHDACHDACHDACHDA, is social media savvy, and can schmooze just as easily with bands (and their management) as they do with students. 

    That sound like you? Thought so. Applications are due June 20th, you can read the full description here.

    Still Looking for a Summer Job? Well, We’re Hiring.

    Still looking for that perfect summer job? We’re seeking the perfect summer students.

    The Students’ Union has three open positions if you can stand to hang out with us for a few weeks this summer and get paid for it. Full descriptions + how to apply here

    Student Experience Assistant - You’ll get into the thick of it as you help create and execute projects that support the students at Laurier. 

    Finance & Administration Support Clerk - Everybody loves money, nobody wants to work with it. Not you, my friend, in this role you’ll provide support to the Finance & Administration department and help prepare budget information for the upcoming year.

    Marketing Communications Assistant - Working with the Marketing Department, you’ll help plan and execute major design projects, revising web content, sourcing the latest cat memes and more.

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  • Have You Decided How to Cast Your Vote?


    Unsure about who to vote for in the next election? Your Students’ Union has you covered! We met with three of the MPP candidates in both Kitchener-Waterloo and Brant to discuss student priorities and their vision for student areas over the next four years.

    This is a long one, so buckle up, friends. Full info after the cut.

    Did You Know Hiring Is Open in Brantford?

    When we asked for volunteers last April, you totally meant to apply, but hey, life got in the way. Between exams, essays, studying and sleeping (if you even made it that far) some things had to fall to the wayside. We get it, because we were right there with you.

    We’re reopening hiring this week for positions on the Brantford campus. Most committees are reopening with either Executive or General Volunteer. http://hiring.yourstudentsunion.ca will give you the full list. Exec applications are due June 13th at 4pm and general apps are due June 20th at 4pm, fill yours out now before you forget.

    Do You Know How to Vote in the Election on June 12th?

    Provincial Election Day is Thursday, June 12. It’s really important that we cast our vote in this election as the provincial government determines what post-secondary education will look like for the next four years.

    No matter who you vote for, it’s important that you make your voice heard come election day. To make it as easy as possible, we’ve answered a few of the questions you might have about the process, allowing you to vote - whether you’re living at home, your home away from home or anywhere in between.


    Election day is June 12, from 9:00am to 9:00pm.  However, you can vote at any number of advance polls between Saturday May 31 to Friday, June 6.


    Before the election you should receive a Notice of Registration Card that lets you know the location and address of the Advance Poll locations and the Election Day poll locations.

    Bling Bling, CF Ain’T No Thang, Right?

    Laurier Shinerama did more than just enjoy the sun this weekend - they spent their Sunday morning in Waterloo Park, helping Cystic Fibrosis Canada raise $135,560 toward the fight against CF.

    What’s Open and What’s Not This Summer?


    Forget Summer is Coming. Summer is Here. Unless you’re on a co-op term or taking summer classes, in which case you might as well be so north of the Wall you’re one of Craster’s children.

    Assuming you’re wandering Westeros with your favourite Khaleesi or assassin-in-training this summer, here’s what’s open and what’s not across campus. You never know when your journey will take you off the beaten path of the Kings Road.

    The Food Bank is open all summer long on both campuses. Feast like you’re at the Red Wedding - without any of the unfortunate aftermath. Make a request at http://foodbank.yourstudentsunion.ca