Get Home Safely From Campus With Foot Patrol

This year, Foot Patrol supplied over 5,000 walks and drives home for students. Teams of two are on the case when you need to get to or from campus safely after dark. 

In Waterloo – 519-886-3668

In Brantford – 519-751-7875

Are You Hungry? The Food Bank Is Here To Help

Thanks to the student food bank, we supplied 634 care packages to students. You can request a care package all year long at http://foodbank.yourstudentsunion.c

New Study Space In The Concourse

Thanks to the Student Life Levy, the North Concourse Revitalization Project is a go. This enhancement will include 12 new group tables adding 70 seats to the area across from the Onecard office.  The addition of extra study space is just one of many projects funded by the Student Life Levy this year.

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  • Are You Ready for Sam? Is Sam Ready for Us?


    Welcome to our first in a series of four interviews between President & CEO Annie Constantinescu and President-Elect Sam Lambert. Today, they sat down to talk about Sam’s campaign and his first thoughts as he prepares to step into the President role. 

    [Annie Constantinescu] Campaigning probably feels like such a long time ago, but what was that period like and was there ever a moment in the campaign period where it felt like you could win this thing?

    [Sam Lambert] Campaigning was crazy, it was a whirlwind, especially with everything else going on. You have class, your commitments and then this campaign period where you have to give it your everything. It was a lot of fun, I had an amazing team around me, and I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did without them. All thanks goes to them. 

    What is your debt?

    We polled 117 students about the debt they held. The average debt of our respondents was $17,393.18.

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  • What Were Your Awkardly Awesome Memories This Year?

    Hawk Team set up unique events all year long, ranging from social, to silly, and even the awkwardly awesome.

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  • Where Are You When the Sun Goes Down? Here’s What the Night Hawks Did.

    When the sun went down on campus, the Night Hawks had it on lock when it came to hitting the lights and turning up the music.

    From perplexing trivia to sold out pub nights, count on them to get the party started.

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  • What Have You Done in the Last 10 Months? Here’s What We’ve Done This Year.


    We raised $142,923 for Shinerama, helping to improve the lives of Canadians with Cystic Fibrosis.

    We’re celebrating our big wins of the last 10 months. What were yours? -

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  • What Have We Been Up To This Year? Well, Take a Look.

    This year, the EcoHawks handed out 350+ reusable, BPA-free bottles and mugs to students.

    And that’s not all, check out our full year in review -

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  • Vote For a Golden Hawk to Win Big.


    Here’s one I think we can all get behind.

    Golden Hawk Danielle Robert is competing to be Canada’s best new musical act. CBC Music and CBC Radio One are hosting the competition where the winner receives $20,000 worth of music equipment from Yamaha Canada Music, a professional recording with CBC Music and an a spot on a high profile music showcase.

    You can vote for Danielle once a day until voting ends on Sunday.

    Vote here and check out her song, Washing Machine.

    Break a leg, Danielle!